Thursday, September 17, 2009

Explorations in Human Design: Splenic Authority

One of the concepts of Human Design that most 'floats my boat' is the idea that we have been sheepled into believing that The Brain should be the ultimate authority for all of us. HD says we have nine centers, similar to the 7 centers of the chakra system. Our individual authority, the physical center and strategy for decision-making, corresponds with one of those centers.

My own authority is what is known as Splenic--instinctual, survivalist, intuitive, spontaneous, in the moment. Explains I guess why I can go out on a stage and do improv but have a hard time remembering lines. Explains why, when I learn a new dance step or movement, I learn best by just doing it, following the instructor or the music without thinking too much about it. When someone comes and breaks down the movements in a logical, step by step fashion, I get nervous and mess up.

It has taken me years to really trust my intuition, but these days it generally comes through loud and clear.

I'd like to see a Human Design class that offered practical ways to learn to 'befriend' our own particular center of Authority.

My Splenic authority has been, so far, loving the dance with Human Design---even though I maintain a questioning and skeptical nature to all of these systems which I think is healthy for anyone. A detachment. You choose a certain street to walk down because you enjoy the view it gives you on the way to where you are going, but the street itself is not where you are going. You like looking through a particular lens at the world around you, whether it be Human Design, or Astrology, or Quantum Physics. But the lens you are looking through is not the world you are living ,it is simply a way to envision and explain that world.

The finger pointing at the moon, as they say, is not the moon.

Explorations in Human Design: My Life as A 3/5

Once you've established your type in Human Design, you can also investigate your profile.

My profile, it turns out, is a 3/5: the Martyr Heretic. The three is what I am conscious of, the five is my Design, my Body, my Unconscious. ( At least as I understand it.)

Threes in Human Design are called Marytrs, but are what I would think of as the Explorers, the people who, in HD terminology are always 'bumping into things'. Explorers who bump into things are also prone to accidents, it's just the nature of exploration. Our accidents and failures, as threes, are our best teachers.

If anybody has studied The Michael Teachings, I see a parallel here between what those teachings call the Goal of Growth, and the Three profile. In HD analogy, the Three is the Staircase of the House, which can be as stable or as rickety as the Three's individual path is. But eventually, it does get you where you are going, which in my experience as a Three may not at all be where you THOUGHT you were going.

The HD definition "Martyr" is interesting, implying somehow that Threes elect suffering as a way towards a greater good. In the Michael Teaching, Martyrdom is the negative polarity of Growth.

Fives are called Heretics in HD. Other words I've seen attached to Fives are Savior, Teacher and Seducer. Also a person who comes up with practical solutions. Interesting combination. Fives tend to be people who challenge the status quo with practical solutions but also people who receive the projections of others. Elvis Presley is a good example of a 3/5, Martyr Heretic, as is Julia Roberts. (Especially as she was in Erin Brokovitch!).

Relaxing into my 3/5 profile makes me accept that I will always be an experimenter, that I never have to arrive anywhere. I can also definitely relate to the 'projections' received from others, though those of us with five in our profile, as Seducers, probably call for those projections, either consciously or unconsciously.

Explorations in Human Design: The Manifestor

I am definitely an explorer of consciousness. Therefore I was plenty surprised to find out that I have managed to live the lives I've lived in this lifetime without once encountering Human Design. Until about two weeks ago, when a friend in Marin County, California said: "Have you heard of Human Design?"

No, I said, then went home and quickly hit the internet to do what is called the Rave Chart and find out more about it.

Human Design uses your birthdate to find out all sorts of things about you: your type, your profile, your center of authority, and So Much More!

This is how I found out my type was Manifestor. There are other types in Human Design:
Generators, Manifesting Generators, Reflectors and Projectors. If it all sounds like a bunch of machine parts, it kind of is: interlocking parts of the big human machine, each of us with our own precise individuality and authority.

Manifestors in Human Design are the old Kings and Queens, the 'doers' and 'leaders' of the world. You will find such diverse luminaries as George W. Bush, Adolf Hitler, Jack Nicholson, Frida Kahlo, Susan Sarandon and Orson Wells on the list of Manifestors. The bad thing for us manifestors is that without using our strategy, which is to inform people of what we are going to do, we may find that people are unconsciously afraid of us and seek to control us. The good thing is that our 'rulership' of the world is fast slipping into history, and though we are still considered the only types designed to initiate, we don't have to take ourselves or our responsibilities as seriously as we once did. We can have fun now, and let the Projector types assume their new positions as Guides and Leaders.

So, Girlfriends and Boyfriends, if you are a Manifestor you can just let yourself BE that Old Queen or Old King, honey. Just make sure you tell people when you are going to walk through the crowd---so they can either get out of your way or maybe even join you on your walk.

Why Zero Gravity?

Continuing the endless dance of reinvention, I have reverted to Zero.

This is a place where I let go of my name and simply be.

Come with me, if you like. I will percolate, investigate, and provoke.

Some themes: the human meme, the shift in poles and paradigms, the mime that walks in your shadow, the small self, the Big Self, the elf, the dancer, the drummer, and the hum of magical fun that weaves it all together.

Be well!