Thursday, September 17, 2009

Explorations in Human Design: My Life as A 3/5

Once you've established your type in Human Design, you can also investigate your profile.

My profile, it turns out, is a 3/5: the Martyr Heretic. The three is what I am conscious of, the five is my Design, my Body, my Unconscious. ( At least as I understand it.)

Threes in Human Design are called Marytrs, but are what I would think of as the Explorers, the people who, in HD terminology are always 'bumping into things'. Explorers who bump into things are also prone to accidents, it's just the nature of exploration. Our accidents and failures, as threes, are our best teachers.

If anybody has studied The Michael Teachings, I see a parallel here between what those teachings call the Goal of Growth, and the Three profile. In HD analogy, the Three is the Staircase of the House, which can be as stable or as rickety as the Three's individual path is. But eventually, it does get you where you are going, which in my experience as a Three may not at all be where you THOUGHT you were going.

The HD definition "Martyr" is interesting, implying somehow that Threes elect suffering as a way towards a greater good. In the Michael Teaching, Martyrdom is the negative polarity of Growth.

Fives are called Heretics in HD. Other words I've seen attached to Fives are Savior, Teacher and Seducer. Also a person who comes up with practical solutions. Interesting combination. Fives tend to be people who challenge the status quo with practical solutions but also people who receive the projections of others. Elvis Presley is a good example of a 3/5, Martyr Heretic, as is Julia Roberts. (Especially as she was in Erin Brokovitch!).

Relaxing into my 3/5 profile makes me accept that I will always be an experimenter, that I never have to arrive anywhere. I can also definitely relate to the 'projections' received from others, though those of us with five in our profile, as Seducers, probably call for those projections, either consciously or unconsciously.

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